1. Give Karaoke a Try!

    It’s a common occurrence at local restaurants, pool halls, and anywhere a bachelorette party is taking place that makes some cringe and others perk up in expectation. Karaoke, whether you love it or…Read More

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    Nothing Says Summer Like…

    Yeah, we know that it’s not technically summer until June, but in Lakehills, TX, it feels like summer nearly the whole year. The holidays are long gone, Easter has passed, and it’s time to get int…Read More

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    Tips for Recovering After a Hike

    If you live near Bandera Falls or Mico, TX, you may have hiked or mountain biked through the Hill Country State Natural Area. The natural area has over 40 miles of trails and open areas that are great…Read More

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    Swimming, Fishing, and Live Music

    Want to get out of town for a while? Need a relaxing vacation from long days at work and crowded highways, and to ease your mind of stress and worry? Medina Lake in Lakehills, Texas, outside of San An…Read More

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    Shake Up Your January With Live Music

    The holidays are over and you may have finally settled down and cleaned up the Christmas tree needles from the floor and put the guest rooms back in order from family visiting. Now it’s time to shak…Read More

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    Why Live Music Makes a Great First Date

    First dates are an exciting and hopeful time, but full of nerves and uneasiness as well. Deciding what to do for a first date can be tricky and sometimes devastating for potential couples. Choose the …Read More

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    Celebrate the New Year at 4 Way Bar!

    Christmas is almost here and that means holiday parties with friends and family and then New Year’s parties to celebrate a new year! What makes the best New Year’s party? Friends, music, and food…Read More

  8. Three No No’s For Guys’ Night Out

    When guys go out together, there are certain unspoken rules that should be followed to ensure an easy-going, enjoyable night with none of that extra drama; that’s why we leave the ladies at home in …Read More

  9. Formerly Cowan’s on the Creek

    Locals who remember Cowan’s on the Creek have probably noticed a new restaurant in town, but they have nothing to worry about! The 4 Way Bar & Grill has taken over the restaurant that was once C…Read More